Harmonize higher education with excellence in science and technologies, strongly integrated with human values of equality, compassion, sharing, contribute to livelihood security and sustainable societal development and to be recognized as a premium National Literacy providing dedicated service for the social and economic growth and to develop as a "Centre for excellence”.


Objective of The National Training Academy is Purely Bases on the Students or Peoples satisfaction 

  • To reach up to last People of Society
  • To Give Training & Education
  • To Able to Stand on the self Foot.
  • To make liable for employment
  • To  Build a carrier of Self employment
  • To literate all the Human Being especially  youth
  • To give quality and Professional education to all
  • To reach up to poor and Needy person


Vision is like a beacon light whose sole job is to guide us to the best destination through the best possible moral, social, professional as well as a global path. In order to reach the milestone of “100 % Computer Literacy” along with the creation of well honed and oriented work force for the corporate sector; ICSM has brainstormed, carried out referendums, cross checked the questionnaires and this all interlaced with the experience garnered in a decade finally led us to hit upon the VISION MILESTONES. These form the AIMS and OBJECTIVES of this Mission

Milestones in the Vision Implementation Journey

  1. Identifying the nation's best potential and nurturing them into well groomed professional.
  2. To promote Computer Literacy to every nook and corner of the society.
  3. To impart learning in quality courses, with study material well drafted, keeping in view the student awareness level as well as the latest developments ushering in the field (so as to render a job oriented tinge) and all this for a nominal fee.
  4. To extend financial flexibility in terms of scholarships and stipends to deserving candidates.
  5. To bring down Computer Education to the grassroots level.
  6. To provide placement assistance to deserving candidates.
  7. To eradicate anything, like Computer Phobia.
  8. To work out specific courses designed as per current job scenario, in order to provide a well trained workforce to the corporate sector.

These objectives will be realized if every individual is transformed into an intellectual, which could be achieved only if he realizes his aim in life, his vision, his dreams and this all could be very well perceived by totally motivated and dedicated CAREER COUNSELING, and a well drafted as well as circumscribing Personality Development Program: ready for execution by ICSM.